Intercâmbio cultural

O chamado “exchange programme” constitui uma forma de conhecer o mundo de forma integrada, por ser possível partilhar o modo de vida de uma família desse país.

Dois alunos do 10.º H1 e H3  deixam-nos aqui o seu ponto de vista e algumas sugestões, mas em Inglês, na sequência de trabalhos pedidos no âmbito dessa disciplina.




If I could go on an exchange programme…

If I could go on an exchange programme, I would like to go to Germany. I have never been to Germany but my father has already been there lots of times and he loves it. Its language (German) is the main reason for my choice. I think that German is a beautiful language in spite of the difficulty in pronouncing the words.

Student exchange programmes have lots of benefits, not only educational (like the language acquisition) but also personal benefits. Self-development and awareness leading to enhance self-confidence and self-esteem; maturity; the opportunity to meet new friends and the “second family”, are some of the personal benefits of a student exchange programme. It would be really cool to have German friends.

I would like to go on a long-term exchange which lasts six to ten months or up to one full year, because the longer the better.

Joana Rêgo, 10ºH3



Going on an exchange programme

If I could go on an exchange programme I would definitely choose London without thinking twice. I believe that London is the best place to go because it has the best schools and universities and it also offers students great conditions to study, like lots of libraries and the best teachers in the whole world. Despite that I believe that London is a very beautiful city where we can interact with other cultures, in fact, in London, we can find lots of them, so we can learn about these other cultures and their traditions. In my opinion English people are very nice and sympathetic so I would really like to meet English people the same age as me and, perhaps, I could make really good friends! Friends for life! I’d love to learn more about London’s history and I think that an experience on an exchange programme would allow me to learn a lot about this amazing city. After all, I’d choose London!

Gonçalo Dias – 10ºH1


If I could go on an exchange programme…

A mostrar canada_paisagem.jpgf7c6351b-8cdf-4856-b87d-7162cf170779A mostrar canada_paisagem.jpgA mostrar canada_paisagem.jpgA mostrar canada_paisagem.jpgA mostrar canada_paisagem.jpg

An exchange programme doesn’t give you just new cultures, languages or countries, it gives you a lifetime of opportunities. If I could go on an exchange programme I would choose Canada.

I would choose Canada because it is a really beautiful place with lush mountainsides and gorgeous snowcapped landscapes. Canada is also a country with a top-notch higher education system. Besides this, there is a variety of cultures and people that is as diverse as one can imagine…

Canada is such a vast country that to define it is almost impossible, and this is exactly why attending college would be so rewarding. So, the benefits are potentially as vast as the land itself. I also have friends there, so I think that studying in Canada would be an excellent experience.

Gisela Carvalho – 10º H1

Greece, Egypt and Australia

I would love to study abroad! Studying abroad is a great experience! I have a few friends who have done it before and absolutely loved it. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to go to another country and be there for a few months. I’m very close to my family and I’m afraid that if I were so far away from them, I would get homesick very fast. Also, I wouldn’t be able to afford it. I need to be here in Portugal and work. If I ever had the opportunity to study abroad I would love to go to Greece, Egypt and Australia. I simply find those countries amazing.

Alexandra Silva – 10ºH3




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